What players do you want to promote from Barça B?

La Masia
Arvin — 2015-04-03T09:27:40Z — #1

If you would decide, who would you promote to the A-team from Barça B and why? And would you like to see Adama in the A-team instead of Pedro?

Imran — 2015-04-03T09:55:23Z — #2

Only one - Samper. The reason is quite clear, with Xavi leaving, we need a new midfielder who can organize the midfield. And Samper is the best one we've got.

I don't get Deulofeu or Adama hype. Pedro is experienced, better, versatile and always obeys what the managers say. If Adama or Deulofeu want to first team place, they need to earn it.

samperisme — 2015-04-03T09:56:37Z — #3

I would promote Samper because I believe he is the future leader of our midfield hopefully. Grimaldo as the 2nd LB instead of Adriano. He has all it takes to have a future here and we need to start giving him playing time with the first team + he can play also in midfield which is quite interesting. As for Adama, I'm still not sure tbh. he has all it takes but still needs to improve coz we can't end up having another Deulofeu tbh.

Leonardo — 2015-04-03T11:01:39Z — #4

His experience means nothing if the end product isn't there, I would much rather use whatever minutes Pedro gets on Adama or Deulofeu, as they'll be able to develop properly on the first team.

As for who to promote, well Samper and Adama.

Adam_Wallace — 2015-04-03T11:24:36Z — #5

Would like to see
samper for the xavi position
Halilovic as cover for iniesta position
Sandro as our big striker and cover for suarez
Munir/adama if pedro leaves to give us cover for neymar an messi can be subbed in when we winning comfortably

Elcapitanpulga — 2015-04-03T12:12:36Z — #6

Adama Beast Traore for Pedro as he leaves in the summer
We need him gone.
Those who like Pedro for his work rate and versatility are mistaken as Adama has both
i've watched him again and again, i know the hype is a little too much. But he's certainly worth it, along with Samper and Halilovic , he will be the future of FC Barcelona.
I hope L.E doesn't loan him out to Sevilla.
Pedro should be gone and Adama and Munir who are slowly breaking out in the first team should be promoted to the first team
We will free up some wages with Pedro gone too
We could even get Deulofeu back if L.E decides to loan out Adama
It's not the ideal situation but it can work.
Sandro is the least impressive out of all four
( Munir,Adama,Deulo)
His easy goals for the first team mean nothing.
I know many have different opinions ( even i did ) but watching him play on a regular basis has changed my opinion.
Indeed he would be very lucky to be promoted.

Elcapitanpulga — 2015-04-03T12:14:21Z — #7

As Leonardo said
Pedro's experience means nothing
and i completely agree with Samper and Adama to be promoted

Imran — 2015-04-03T13:25:10Z — #8

Suppose, UCL final just one weeks from now. Barca is playing in the final. Messi gets injured in a training session and out of the final. Whom do you choose for final - Pedro or Adama/Deulofeu?

If Adama/Deulofeu is your answer, I've nothing to say but if answer is Pedro, then that's what experience is needed for.

namednobody — 2015-04-04T02:42:02Z — #9

The players I would promote to the A-team from Barca B are: Sergi Samper...His strenghts are Passing, Vision, and Dribbling skills, of course he still needs some work to be an elite player but with the right guidance of the likes of Busquets...he will blend well with A-team.

Adama Traore "The Arrow" will work well with Suarez...The guy runs with authority! The guy is strong, fast, and has good dribbling skills.

Lastly, Alen Halilovic...Needs to work on his weak foot, defense, and vision...but, Rakitic will show him the way! He is a star in the making smile

I've already picked Adama as for who I would like to see promoted...to answer your second question, I would like to see Adama in the A-team, but Pedro has experience, chemistry, better work rate than Adama. We'll see what happens wink

Stelios_Antonis_Kara — 2015-04-04T19:23:34Z — #10

Right now only Samper is ready for the first team. Adama has issues with his defencive abilities and the passing game as well. Sandro is more likely to be promoted. He is a fighter he looks a lot like Pedro on
attitude. Grimaldo is a mystery cause he played really great as midfielder and he could be decent alternative but as a left back hm don't know... Alen has to prove himself first. He is not even a regular starter for the B team. The real disappointment lies with Macky and Ie.

FCB — 2015-04-05T15:54:20Z — #11

Halilovic in Xavi position, This is it.

Benjamin — 2015-04-05T16:36:37Z — #12

Grimaldo, Samper, Adama. Halilovic needs another year with the B team.

marouane — 2015-04-06T22:00:40Z — #13

i would like to see sergi samper geting promoted to the first team (of course only if will get some playing time), simply because we need someone to replace xavi and their is no one who could do this exept la masia graduates, plus he could get some experience from the maestro before he leaves this summer