Is it the right time to promote Adama?

La Masia
CoolCuler — 2015-04-02T20:16:22Z — #1

We all know what a true genius Adama Traore is. A true masterclass who is a blend of Suarez and Messi. According to his contract he has to be promoted to the first team. So should he be promoted? or should he be loaned like Denis Suarez?
What are your opinions?

Leonardo — 2015-04-02T20:50:58Z — #2

I'd say so, but it depends on a few factors.

I don't like the idea of loaning so many players, most of our loans end awfully.

Stelios_Antonis_Kara — 2015-04-02T20:59:30Z — #3

Adama has the skills but lacks passing ability. Lucho should try him as a right back. It's just an idea but who knows. I don't like the idea of a possible loan. I don't see any improvement on Deulofeu.

namednobody — 2015-04-02T21:08:24Z — #4

He shouldn't be loaned to another club like Denis Suarez. I don't see Deulofeu coming back to Barca, since he's getting minutes...Lucho should get the prominent players from Barca B and have them train with the men! From there, he can evaluate the strong and weak points each bring to the table.

Raru9 — 2015-04-03T06:00:04Z — #5

Patience . Need burning stages . Adama still has certain defector and must improve its collective participation rather than individual

Elcapitanpulga — 2015-04-04T10:20:00Z — #6

Adama should be promoted next season
And Pedro should be sold which he will be almost certainly
He just has a year remaining on his contract.
I know it'll make things more difficult when one of three beasts are injured of the front three.
But Pedro has simply as people say
Lost it in the past three seasons.he's not been impressive at all
He's had numerous goal droughts too.
It really is a sad story I hope he scores 3-4 goals for Barca this season so he reaches the 100 mark for club
I think he's on 97 goals

CoolCuler — 2015-04-04T11:41:36Z — #7

True but as @Leonardo says other factors like Deluofeu's return and him staring ahead of Munir and Sandro would come into influence too..